The Art of French Singing ©

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" This page is being built soon ... you will find herein a short presentation of what ACF Art du Chant Français (the Art of French Singing) is ......"

ACF L'Art du Chant Français © (The Art of French Singing ©) is a non-profit arts organization in France, that was created by Michel Sénéchal in 2012 , with the desire to pass on the traditions, the craft and the love of the French vocal arts to the next generation of singers and collaborative pianists. Our core belief is that the vocal works created by the great composers and poets of France remain essential and relevant to audiences of classical music.

ACF L'Art du Chant Français © focuses on the skills of precise diction and expressive phrasing in this art form that continues to entice and engage listeners.

The Honorary Committee consists of the following artists and well known figures

  • Michel Sénéchal, Tenor, president
  • Georges Prêtre, Conductor, vice president
  • James Conlon, Conductor
  • Teresa Berganza, Mezzo-soprano
  • Renee Fleming, Soprano
  • François Loup, Baritone
  • Philippe Entremont, Pianiste et Chef d'Orchestre
  • Jean Tulard, Historian and French Academician
  • Jean Guion, President of the International Alliance Francophone
  • Thomas Grubb, Author, pianist, teacher
  • Alain Duault, journalist, producer,poet
  • Benoit Duteurtre, journalist, music critic, writer
  • Pierre Bellemare, writer and television producer

ACF L'Art du Chant Français © has entered in a partnership with Classic Lyric Arts (CLA) which provides opportunities for young singers and collaborative pianists in the  United-States to advance their studies of the languages and cultures of classical vocal repertoire, offering educational workshops internationally, and supporting participants in their progression from students to young professional artists.

As of Dec 2012, ACF is also in a partnership with "The Art Song Preservation Society of New York" (ASPSNY) , a non profit arts organization dedicated to preserving, revitalizing, and promoting the art song repertoire and the art song recital. They do this by providing a variety of enriching and engaging programs, services, and events that promote the education and performance of classical vocal concert repertoire. The strategic partnership between The Art Song Preservation Society of New York" (ASPSNY) and ACF Art du Chant Francais is to enforce the mutual interest of both organizations in promoting in the United States the art of French singing towards students, young lyric artists and a large audience of opera lovers!

The partnership of ACF L'Art du Chant Français © (The Art of Fre nch Singing) and Classic Lyric Arts (CLA) consists mainly in an intensive summer training program in France in places representing the french history and heritage devoted to young singers and musicians striving for artistic excellence and mastery of the French language American citizens or students in the US. The course, which will be held in June 2013 in a chateau of the Périgord French region, is committed to deepening their connection to classical Opera and melodies, creating the next generation of musical artists to carry on the traditions of this extraordinary repertoire.

The Master Classes are directed by Maestro Michel Sénéchal, the distinguished singer and teacher which will offer daily coaching to the participants, sharing his vast experience and passion for the art of singing in French.
An undisputed master of the French repertoire, Michel Sénéchal was intimately connected to the great composers such as Charpentier, Hahn, Honegger, Messian, and Poulenc, as well as the renowned master teacher Nadia Boulanger. A student at the Paris Conservatory along side Régine Crespin and Gabriel Bacquier, he studied with the great French baritone Camille Maurane, as well as Gabriel Pollet, the last disciple of Fauré, Duparc, Satie and Debussy.